Tracey and Mike are an exceptionally cute couple. They have this chemistry about them that you just gravitate towards. When we would ask them to get close and cuddle, they would do this natural sway together.  It was almost like a slow dance. It was the cutest thing. I look back at these photos and I feel so happy. Our goal with anything we shoot is to tell the most genuine story of a couple’s love. I look at Mike and Tracey’s photos and I feel pure happiness and love.

Enjoy this adorable spring Philadelphia engagement shoot.

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 01

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 02

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 03

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 04

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 05

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 06

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 07

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 08

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 09

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 10

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 11

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 12

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 13

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 14

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 15

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 16

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 17

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 18

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 19

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 20

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 21

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 22

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 23

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 24

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 25

Philadelphia-engagement-photo 26

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