Well….we still have power!  Sandy really has me feeling pressured today.  It’s like I’m in a race against all odds.  It’s starting to sound a lot like a wind tunnel outside.   Every now and then, I’ll see one of our Halloween decorations fly past the window.   But, what we are dealing with here, just outside of Philly, is nothing compared to our friends, family, and all the others that live near the NJ shore.  I become more appalled with each new photo that surfaces online.  May god help them through this and give them relief!  We should all be saying our prayers!


On a more happier note, I’m excited to share with you a shoot that was in the works for months.  Think of it as a day after bridal shoot, but just months later.   I love this shoot because most of it was shot after the sun went down in the wee hours of the night and in frigid temperatures.  It was cold, dark, pretty, and romantic…how cozy, huh?  Thanks Matt & Nicole for enduring our photog craziness ;0) xoxo.







One response to “Matt & Nicole’s romantic bridal shoot”

  1. Kristen says:

    These are stunning. That’s all I can say. Stunning.

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