I cannot get over the cuteness and fun-ness of this wedding!   Marc and Lindsay got married at Smithville Inn and ready at Colonial Inn.  I cannot express how much I love this little gem!  It reminds me of Peddlers village or even a scaled down New Hope.  In a way it also reminds me of Skippack Village, which is a cute little town practically in our backyard!  You get the point…I love this place!

I hope you enjoy this wedding as much as we do!

I’ve made little comments throughout the post.  I’m trying something a little different this time 🙂


They were playing bear, hunter, ninja to see who would shower next (alternative of playing paper rock scissors for settling disputes)

We are not really “jumpy” people, but these guys made it look good.  There was also no controlling these beasts!  They were cray cray (something so crazy it takes 2 words to describe it…urban dictionary says so)  ;0)

I love love love long veils!

Children at <3!

Honestly, I cannot even explain this photo.   They had no issues getting close…like really close!

God I love this wedding party.  I seriously wish that in this case, human abduction was legal, because I’d steal them all! I love them all that much! Except for Patrick!  Hahaha, I kid, we would steal you too!

I’m trying to get Michael to grow a beard like this..isn’t it fantastic?

I didn’t realize Magic Mike was invited to the wedding?!

Life is good indeed!  Marc & Lindsay, it’s been a blast!  Thank you, Thank you, for having us be a part of your day!  I hope February comes soon!  You’re honey moon is much deserved.

To see more of Marc & Lindsay’s wedding, check out their slideshow!




Wedding details

Prep: Colonial Lodge

Venue: Smithville Inn

Coordinators: Kyle Michelle Weddings  Kristen & Meghan (loved them!)

Entertainment: CJ the DJ

Flowers: Savannah’s Garden

Photographers: M2

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