This past Saturday, we held our second workshop.  I would say this was a successful workshop.  We had an awesome new group of aspiring photographers.  Everyone was eager to learn, which we like!

First, let’s spend a long minute talking about my cupcakes, lol.  I wanted to do something different and so I decided to make cupcakes with mini cameras on top.  Looks simple right?  No, not quite.  It wasn’t that they were hard to make, they just took hours to do.  I was way in over my head on this one, but I couldn’t leave a project incomplete, so I finished them.  I’m glad I did, they turned out fancy.

Okay, my long minute is up.  Enough about cupcakes, lets get to the better part of the day.  Below are some images from shooting out in the field at Valley Forge.

The guy on the horse was not one of our students in case you’re wondering, lol.  These are 2 of the images that I took of the space.

Uh Oh!  Sat in a sticker bush!  Sorry Andrea, you were super cute, I had to post it!  You made getting a jacket stuck in thorns look classy 🙂

“Michael…you are a man of hand gestures! ”

Please ignore the Canon 5D Mark II.  Miguel here, is a bit beyond the “beginner” stage.   You’re right, we should have kicked him out, and we probably would have if it wasn’t for his gorgeously awesome wife, lol.  Just kidding Miguel! (about kicking you out)

This image really has nothing to do with the workshop, but what I like about this image is that all of these people are paying attention to him and he’s looking over at me.  Must have been the yellow boots.

This is Michael’s shot of the workshop crew. Ya’ll look real good!  We’d like to thank everyone for joining us.   We are so happy when we can help others that have a passion for photography.  We’ve already received some images from a few in the class and we are hoping to get more this week.  I’ll be doing a follow up post with some of the images they took, which is always interesting to see the different perspectives.

Our next workshop is being held on Sunday, May 1st.  If you are interested in signing up, shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to go over details.  Seats are limited!


Happy warm Monday!


One response to “M2’s second workshop, a success! Camera Cupcakes, a double success!”

  1. Miguel Angel says:

    Awesome workshop M2..Look forward to more in the future!

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