Saturday was our first ever photography for beginners workshop.  Doing this workshop was something we enjoyed doing and will be doing more of in the near future.  Our whole goal of these workshops is to simply give each student a better understanding of how to use their camera to make better images.   The three hour class on Saturday consisted of seven students.  The workshops we will be offering in the future will be 4 hours long and up to 15 students per class.   We will soon have a workshop section on our website, so keep an eye out for more information.

1.5 hours of the class was spent inside going over photography essentials, camera functions, and techniques for making better images.  The remaining 1.5 hours was spent shooting at a local park.

Below are a few images from the workshop.

It looks as though Michael knows what he’s talking about here…

Or possibly not…haha, just kidding Michael.  You’re an awesome mentor!  It may be that Canons are just quirky……again just joking Canon people!!

The girls were popular subjects.  They were much more well behaved than during our “family shoot”.   I also went prepared with goodies in a bag.

Ava didn’t seem to mind being photographed.  She pretty much ignored everyone, and went about her business.  In this picture, she was collecting rocks (about 100) in both pockets to give to Mr. Ugglesworth as a surprise gift.  I wish I would have known that 95% of the rocks would fall out of her pocket and into my car on the way home.   Luckily, there are no child labor laws against having your children help clean out your car, because that is exactly what I plan to do.


It was an awesome day for the workshop and Michael and I thank everyone for coming out!


2 responses to “M2’s first fantastical beginners workshop.”

  1. tompappa says:

    Fun and informative day – It was awesome of you guys to offer this to the local photography community, thank you!

    • Michael says:

      Thanks Tom! We really had a lot of fun. We’re excited to offer more in the future! Oh and thanks for your help that day too.

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