It’s that time of year where more and more people get a digital slr camera for Christmas. Why not purchase them a seat in one of our upcoming workshops, so they can learn how to use it.

If they are like most people, they’ll stick it on auto and let the camera do the thinking. Doesn’t that take the fun out of owning a nice camera? I like to control the camera rather than let it control me (maybe that’s just me, I am a control freak). Why not take advantage of it’s full capabilities? Why not learn how to shoot on manual and control your own settings?

With a DSLR comes a nice thick manual, that you could read, but even after reading, you may be just as confused or maybe even a little more confused. If you are a hands on learner (like me), this workshop would be a beneficial class for you.  Is this workshop all classroom and boring?  No, it’s very hands on and you will learn a lot.  Here is a list of what you’ll all learn

We’ve just added 2 new dates to our beginners workshop.
Saturday, January 28th from noon-4pm
Saturday, February 25th from noon-4pm

We are also in the works of adding an editing/workflow workshop. We will keep you posted on that and any upcoming dates for that workshop.


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