This past weekend we shot Leon & Amanda’s engagement shoot at Longwood Gardens.  I love this place!  Then again, who wouldn’t?  I’ve always wondered how they maintained the lives of their flowers and plants.  I for one, am terrible with keeping plants a live.  I feel terrible about it, but not once have I succeeded in keeping any plant I’ve ever owned alive.   Whatever their secret is, I want in on it, haha.  I suppose if I (and Michael) want to enjoy nice landscaping, we’ll need to come here  more often. We both know, it’s not happening at our house, that is, if I’m the one in control of our landscape.

Amanda and Leon are an awesome couple.  They are very natural together and did well in front of the cameras (despite what they may have thought).  We really enjoyed spending time with them, getting to know them, and of course, taking their engagement pictures.

We are looking forward to shooting their wedding next month.  Yes, you read that right….next month, they don’t mess around!  At least, blue steel and magnum in Leon’s case and being a smizer (one who smiles with her eyes) in Amanda’s case, will still be fresh for the wedding day!  :0)

Happy Friday!






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