Have a good 4th?  Not sure what the weather was like where you were but it rained all night here.  That didn’t stop us though, we still went out and watched the fireworks!  We were happy to see so many others still venturing out considering the circumstances.

When we came home we lit a bunch of sparklers.  After the first bunch I thought it would be fun to do some light painting.  For those that aren’t familiar, you set the shutter speed to a few seconds or however long you want and run around with a light of some sort.  Here you see Ava, Bella and Melissa dancing together.  =)

We’ve done light painting in the past but the girls forgot about it so this was nice.  I think they’ll want to do it again soon which is A-OK with me. =)

This image was taken on July 4th, 2016 @10:02pm.

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