This weekend, we shot 2 very different weddings.  I love when that happens.  We love being able to document weddings of different cultures.  To us, it’s both interesting and fun.

The first wedding of the weekend was Rich & Jen’s wedding at Rivercrest Country Club.  You probably remember them from their fun engagement shoot.  Just like their engagement shoot, their wedding too was a crazy fun time!  This may even be an understatement.  The dancing pictures say it all.

Rich and Jen are such an unbelievably cute couple.  She is the jelly to his peanut butter.  It’s that simple, they love each other dearly.  That is obvious =0)

Read on…

I love this shot that Michael took.

Another favorite of mine.

I thought this was incredibly sweet.  He wrote her little notes…obviously this one is on the wedding day.  And yes, that is his handwriting (Michael is quite jealous of your fine writing, lol).

Their first look.  I love when husbands genuinely check out their bride!

We apparently have a thing with sticking this couple in abandoned beat up places, haha.

I forgot how much fun swinging can be!

Now that’s the spirit!

There is always one in every bunch!

We loved this wedding party.  So fun and not a serious bone in their bodies, lol.

While taking pretty shots of Jen,  Rich tried sneaking up on her…however, he really needs to work on his ninja like stealthy movements, haha.

Another perspective.

Although, his sneak attempt failed in some respect, he was able to get her to laugh naturally.  Thanks Rich!

The next few give me the goosies.  They clearly love each other very much!

Doesn’t the picture below on the left look like a face? lol

Thanks to the Remixologists…things are about to get…interesting!

This little girl was the cutest little girl!  She wasn’t happy that Mr. paparazzi (aka Michael) wouldn’t stop taking pictures of her, haha!

I have no idea (absolutely none) of what is going on in this picture.  Can someone fill me in?

Of course we got a shot with them…and of course Michael wore Rich’s jacket….yeah, I don’t know.  I guess, that’s how we roll.

I hope y’all enjoyed these pictures as much as we enjoyed taking and working on them!  Please feel free to leave them some love!  If you’d like to see more of their wedding, you can check out their slideshow.

Enjoy Riviera Maya Rich & Jen!  I hope the weather is and stays gorgeous =0)





Wedding Details

Venue:  Rivercrest Country Club

Entertainment: Remixologists

Cake: Master Baker

Flowers: Rose 4 U Florist

Makeup: Dylan Michael

Photographers: M2 

2 responses to “Rich & Jen’s Wedding”

  1. Tom says:

    Simply fantastic!!! Great work M2!

  2. Connie says:

    Unni, you look beautiful! I found the link when I was on a friend’s facebook :).

    I wish you nothing but the best! You guys look absolutely perfect for each other.

    Many blessings<3

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