Ben & Michelle’s wedding has been a very anticipated blog post…for several reasons really.

1.) Have you seen their engagement photos??!  They turned out better than we imagined.  From that point, we were extra excited for the wedding day.

2.) They are an adorable couple (adorable looking and adorable with eachother).

3.) Ben and Michelle also have their own blog…and so technically this could be considered a blog off =0)

Ben and Michelle’s wedding was held at La Massaria at Bella Vista.  The space was great in itself, but after Michelle’s vision got a hold of it, it transformed into something extremely beautiful. I love crafty little brides.  Michelle, you did a great job with all the little details!

Everything turned out really well, despite a little rain.  I really hope we did you guys justice.  Below are some images of your wedding day!  Enjoy!

To see more images from their wedding, check out their slideshow (I recycled this song…had to, it’s perfect for them.)

Happy Monday!




Is he joking?  Nah, I don’t think so.  I think he wanted to get one last bike ride in before the ride of his life began =0)

Stress ball (non-edible Ben).  A gift from Michelle.

Even my own tears were beginning to fog up my viewfinder (I cried, but I could see just fine) . <3

The party didn’t stop there…that’s right, it left La Massaria and continued itself at the Outback Steakhouse.  No pictures of that…but you can use your impeccable imagination.

Congratulations Ben and Michelle!  It was awesome being apart of your amazing wedding.  We only live 10 minutes apart.  There really is no excuse for not hanging out =0)




Wedding Details

Transportation: Lazor Limo (limo) and Klein (bus)

Officiant: Mark Kadetsky

Cake: Mindy from Cake Couture

Venue: La Massaria at Bella Vista

Florist: Scott from Florabundance

Entertainment: Patrick from Synergetic Sounds

Photographers: M2 Photography

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