Last week after the girls were in bed Melissa and I heard someone walking down the stairs.  We assumed they went to the bathroom but we never heard the bathroom door nor a flush.  I thought maybe they were trying to be sneaky and maybe trying to see what we were doing?

Melissa decided to investigate and found Bella, past out on the stairs.  We didn’t hear anything past her walking down the stairs because she never made it all the way down.  And being the great parents that we are, we photographed her.

This picture was taken 7/30/12 @ 12:55am.

P.S. please excuse the suitcase in the shot.  We have been living out of these for the last couple months it seems with how busy we’ve been.


One response to “Children are strange”

  1. Donna says:

    Oh my goodness she looks so much like her mommy in this picture….

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