Just a few minutes
to show our kids we love them

One of the many reasons we decided to do the AB Project was to show our girls how much they’re loved.  Because GOD  do we LOVE our kids.  And I truly hope they can not only see that but that they can also feel it.

These images were taken this morning.  It’s rare for us to shoot much before the girls are off to school but today we did!  Usually we’re doing everything we can to catch the bus.  The girls had to run to the bus today actually, haha.  It was worth it.  Just a few minutes to hug and love on our girls is a wonderful way to start the day.  And just one more chance for us to show our girls how much we love them.

The image on the left is Ava and I, taken March 18th, 2015 @8:01am.  Ava was telling me what she loved most about me.  Her answer? “Everything”  (I’ll remind her that when she’s a teenager)

The image on the right is of Melissa and Bella, taken March 18th, 2015 @7:55am.  Melissa and Bella were having a sweet hug.


The AB Project

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