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With all of these amazingly gorgeous days we’ve been having, I’m finding it hard to be inside.  If only the weather was like this all year round, I would certainly, without a doubt, build a quaint outdoor work station.   It seems as though, we are finally having a spring for once, rather than going straight from freezing to hot.  However, it is doing quite the number on my sinuses >:0|

Enough about my sinuses, and more about this last boudoir shoot I did.  Again another past bride our ours volunteered to be one of my guinea pigs.  Except they both looked a lot better than any guinea pig ever would ;0)

Juliet and Cailen turned out to be two very good choice of models.  They both have very different personalities as well as looks.  Although, both are very beautiful and super amazing in their own way, it challenged me to approach and do things a little differently.  At the end of the day, I’m very happy with how both of the shoots turned out.

Yvette, the make-up artist, strikes again!  She did an amazing job as always.  I really wish I could afford to have her move in with us and prep me every day.  Some people have live- in nannies….I prefer live- in makeup artist. Ha.  When I watch her do the makeup, it seems so natural and effortless for her.  Thank you Yvette for having a talent that enhances the stunningness of a woman.  I don’t even think stunningness is a word, but if it’s not, it should be.

Also, thank you Jennifer Baumann, an associate photographer of ours, and our intern Maura Macfeat for assisting me on this shoot.

Lastly, I want to thank both Cailen and Juliet for giving me permission to share their images with you.  I wouldn’t normally post this many images from a boudoir shoot, but these gals gave me full permission to showcase.

If you are interested in doing a shoot, my boudoir pricing starts at $350. I have 3 more exciting boudoir shoots lined up and with wedding season just around the corner, I will only be accepting 7 more shoots for 2012 (I recommend booking in advance).  Feel free to contact me for more detailed pricing and information.

Feel free to leave some comment love and let me know your thoughts!



Philadelphia Boudoir Photography

Philadelphia Boudior Photographer

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Philadelphia Boudoir PhotographerGo Phillies…had to say it.

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer

Philadelphia Boudoir Photographer


6 responses to “Juliet | Philadelphia Boudoir Photography”

  1. Yvette says:

    Melissa once again gorgeous boudoir shoot!!!! You are so talented girlfriend….Both Cailen and Juliet look amazing!!!!

  2. Great shots Melissa, hope your sinuses get better!

  3. maura says:

    love how these turned out! beautifully done.

  4. Catherine says:


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