I’m sure you are all anxious for the weekend.  It’s almost here!  Here is a sweet and pretty engagement shoot to start it off!  Perfect couple + perfect light = PURE MAGIC!  Seriously, I love everything about this shoot!

This shoot was shot by Michael and Jen.  Juan and Melanie, are one of our associate photographer’s couples next year.  I’m so excited to see what they do with their wedding.  Is it October yet? Is it?  Is it?  No way Jose…let’s get through December first!!! ;0)  With how fast time goes by, next October is really just around the corner.

Juan and Melanie are seriously so sweet.  You don’t have to know them personally to see that! All their shots have sweety petey written all over them!  I’m not even sure what sweety petey means..but, it kinda makes me wish my name was Pete (If I was a guy….which, I am not).   It’s Friday, does everything I say really need to make sense?  Nah!

Enjoy Juan & Melanie, we love you and cannot wait for your wedding!

Happy Friday!



{btw….doesn’t she look a lot like Carrie Underwood?}  ;0)

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