I feel like I need to start at the beginning with Josh and Natalie and give you all a little background on our relationship. With Natalie and Josh comes a funny story.

It may seem that we knew each other before the wedding, but not so.  Our first meeting was with just Josh, no Natalie.  When couples do not get an engagement shot with us, we really try to meet up with them at some point before the wedding, which allows us to get to know them better.  We were dying to meet Natalie and so we made plans to meet at Dave and Busters (duh, no brainer) for some drinks and of course a little photographer/client battle (btw..we totally kicked their butts, however, they may tell you differently 😉

So the night we went to meet them, Natalie text me (or so she thought she text me) saying they got their a little early and they are hungry and plan to order food.  They wanted to know if they should wait for us to order or just order right away.  Well, the number she sent the text to, was not my number, but the person did respond back to her.  They told her that they should just go ahead and order the food, and they were just going to order drinks.  Another text message followed about 5 minutes later apologizing because they were running late.  Why?  Because they just got pulled over and they had weed in the car and were hoping they wouldn’t get caught.

At this point…Natalie turns to Josh (most likely giving him the deadliest death look) and says “Who the HEdoublehockeysticksLL did you hire to shoot our wedding?” Josh’s reply “They seemed like really good people when I met with them…I mean they have 2 small children!!”.   So at this point…they are totally confused.  They are not sure if it was the wrong number (but why would the person respond?) or if their pot smoking wedding photographers are really not showing up…haha.

Five minutes later (on time), we come walking in the door, glancing around.  We see Josh and start waiving.  We excitedly approach the table and they both look a little confused.  The first thing she asked us was “did you get my text?”.  I’m sure this was one time she was relieved she plugged in the wrong number! haha.

It was a great conversation starter and what started out just a couple drinks ended up being us practically closing down Dave and Busters with a million tickets in our buckets.

So, this past Saturday was their wedding.  On the way there, we had the idea to text Natalie and let her know we were running a little behind..had weed in the car and got pulled over (TOTALLY JOKING OBVIOUSLY)..but as much as we thought it would be funny, we also thought “hey maybe that isn’t such a good idea…she’s getting married today”.  Once I arrived to her house, I told her our secret plot and she was a little upset that we didn’t do it.  This is when you know, you’re working with the right clients 🙂

Enough of my jibber jabber.  I talk a lot, tell me something I don’t know.

Many people are anticipating this wedding post and I’m ubber excited to share!

This is what most guys do on their wedding day, right? haha

How cute is she?   I kept calling her Bella Swan ;0)

Can you go wrong with funky socks?  I think not!

We were recreating the bridesmaids cover.


These ladies were awesome.  I could steal them too!  They’re a good time!

lol, That’s what she said.  Who puts that in their He and She frames?  Josh clearly had something to do with that.

I cannot get over this ceremony spot.  It was so perfect!


The calm before the storm!


Meredith, you rocked!

Light up heels?!?  Whaaaat? They make those?!

Yeah………..how do I explain this?

Still trying to find the right words…..

I got nothing!

Our associate Tom rocked the booth!  Some of the funniest shots so far!


The cutest/funniest send off I’ve ever seen!  A great last minute idea!

Josh and Natalie, you’ve been an interesting duo from the start.  Two people we enjoy hanging out with!  Enjoy your honeymoon in St. Thomas, St. Lucia, St. Barts (??) or whatever St. Island you ended up on ;0)  (They couldn’t remember which one they were going to).

To see more of their wedding, check out their SLIDESHOW!

Part 2 coming later this week!




Wedding details

Venue:  Radnor Hunt

DJ: Synergetic Sound & Lighting

Photographers: M2

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  1. Laura says:

    Love the pics and the wedding looked like soooo much fun!!

    …where were those beautiful bridesmaid dresses from??

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