Sunday was a perfect day for a beach wedding!  The weather has been a little bi-polar lately.  I think there was a 20 degrees difference between Saturday and Sunday and then again between Sunday and Monday…so weird.

There is something about intimate weddings that we really love.  I really respect that Christine and John never lost focused of what their wedding day should be about and who it should be about.  I also love Christine’s style and her choice of dinner music, ha!  We are two of a kind in that department.  I also love her because she had pumpkin in her wedding cake.  I have just a little obsession (a teeny weeny obsession) with just about anything pumpkin.  Well okay, it’s border-lining psychotic and I should probably join a support group with others like me.  But seriously, how cool is that…pumpkin wedding cake!  Yum Yum!

Their wedding was held at Peter Shields Inn in Cape May (apparently haunted…where is Theresa from Long Island Medium when you need her? ha).  It had me a little skittish at first (imagine me looking over my shoulder every 5 minutes).  In a way I was kinda hoping to discover that I had unknown medium powers, which turns out sadly I do not 🙁 haha.   Christine, I know you didn’t get much sleep the night before the wedding, I do hope that you got some sleep on the night of the wedding!

Christine & John, we are so honored and unbelievably grateful to have been a part of your wedding day.  You are a lovely couple and just really sweet people!  Have fun in Cabo!  xoxo

To see more of their wedding, check out their SLIDESHOW. (heart)







3 responses to “John & Christine’s Cape May Wedding”

  1. Christine says:

    You guys are incredible! I am in love with these pictures. I can’t stop looking at them!! You both did an amazing job. Thanks for being so awesome. We loved having you at the wedding, Thank you so much!!


  2. Eleanor Togneri says:

    These are so very beautiful and made me cry. They are so full of love and true joy. Thank you for sharing them. Wishing all the very best in your new life together. love Pretty

  3. Jenna says:

    This might be my second favorite wedding blog post eva! You guys are too good!

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