This past weekend, this crazy cute couple got married!   We couldn’t have been more excited to shoot it.  It had all the emotion a wedding should have!

I don’t know what it is, but we’ve been photographing a lot of Bella Swan look-a-likes.  Maybe it’s my head getting into to final breaking dawn mode (do not judge me *points finger*), haha.  I’m a twilight nerd…I’ll admit it ;0)

We had the privilege with shooting their engagement shoot last fall and it is still one of my favorite engagement shoots.  There were no props, just the woods, and some really pretty lighting!

Now we had the privilege to document their wedding day =0)

Who doesn’t love suspenders?

How do I explain this picture? Something about 2 guys drinking in a kiddie pool, playing a drinking game, being video tapped and uploaded to you tube…something along those lines ;0)

I’m so glad the guys are changing it up a bit rather than just sitting/hanging out and relaxing on the wedding day…jokes!

I love father/daughter reveals.  It makes me think of my own dad and every time I cry…every time!

And I love bride and groom first looks.  It can be so emotional and sweet, it also gives us more time for photos 🙂  Joe and Jessa acted like teenagers in love when they saw each other.  They were nervous, sweet, and acted as if it was their first date.  It was so incredibly sweet.

How good do these 2 love birds look?  Totally rad, huh?

We had a little situation while shooting their portraits.   Jessa happened to stab her toe with a tree branch.  I’m still trying to figure out how, haha.  Anyway, could have been a bad situation…bright red blood, white know, not a good combination.  However, I don’t want to brag or anything, but I happen to be MacGyver and whipped out a perfectly small nude band aid from my pocket.  Like I said, I’m not bragging or anything that I potentially saved the day, I just like to be prepared!  You NEVER know when a tree branch might stab you in the toe!  Those dang branches ;0)

One of my favorite shots of the entire day… can you just feel their love?  I can.   Bella and Edward right?!  Just what I was thinking.  Okay I’m totally done comparing them to twilight…Joe & Jessa are so much better!

Another favorite!

They were sharing stories of the bachelorette party. Haha.   A video exists!

This creepy wolfe is what attracted them to this venue..totally kidding, it’s creepy though, right?  He scares the bajesus out of me, I can only imagine what he does to the geese.

So cute!

It’s amazing what uplighting can do to a space.  It took this traditional ballroom and transformed it into red light special (a tlc song for all those tlc lovers).  I’m a total fan of uplighting.

red uplighting

red uplighting

We seriously cannot get enough of night portraits.  I should do an entire blog post on them.  I may be partial, but their awesomeness is filled with romance and sweetness!

Bride and groom night portrait

backlighting bride and groom

Joe & Jessa, I hope you are enjoying Mexico!  Don’t drink the water and stay on the resort.  I’m kidding, I can’t tell you how many times we heard that when we went to Mexico, haha.   See you when you get back!

To see more of their wedding, check out their Slideshow!

Happy Wednesday…keep truckin’ people…you’re 1/2 way to the weekend!





Wedding details

Venue:  Spring Mill Manor

DJ and lighting: East Coast Event Group

Photographers: M2 Photography

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  1. Sarah says:

    LOVE the very last portrait … That night shot is awesome! All of these photos are great :o) You guys are so inspiring!

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