Imagine I’m a witch (a good Ava would say) (and FYI..i’m in Halloween mode).  I’m about to make some soup, picking the right ingredients.  I’d take a little bit of rain, pour in some love and sprinkle some awesomeness on top. Stirring it with my witchy broom, how does it taste?  UHH-MAZING!  Okay, terrible analogy, but it’s sort of how I felt about this wedding, haha.   We had all the right ingredients which allowed our creativity to rise to a completely different level.. 1. Jeff and Andrea gave us a good amount of time for portraits.  Having an hour or more with a bride and groom is pure bliss for us.  2. They trusted us to do our thing (so important) 3. They are creatives themselves (they did this wedding themselves) 3. The wedding was on a campground..(yea, how cool is that?), and 4. And most importantly, they have so much love for each other.

If Jeff and Andrea didn’t share the love they do, we wouldn’t have been able to document this wedding in the fashion we did.  The love they share is very obvious 🙂  And he makes her laugh 😀

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jeff and Andrea for trusting us 🙂


Haha!  I’m a pug lover so of course I couldn’t leave this out!  Just look at that face!


I loved Ang’s earthy details!

By the end of this prayer, we were all reaching for the tissues (me included, surprised? ha).

A bunch of stud muffins.

Ha!…there is always that one..

If you haven’t noticed already, we are a big fan of the in between photos 🙂

Zombie Apocalypse!  Or so it looks like zombies.

The best men!

Loved this shot and loved these gals! They were so much fun to work with!  Boom, money!  ;0)  (had to be there)

How adorable is she?!

It was rainy and about 50 degrees..hence the goosebumps.

I love first reactions!

Now I just got goosies.

Birdseed…great idea, in theory.

In reality..this is what it looks like ;0)

We went a little off-roading in this bad boy! Max mph 15, oh yea!  ;0)

Tissues…Tissues…I. need. tissues!


Want to see a 5ft. 10 teddy bear bust a dance move? ha!

Isn’t this photobooth wall pretty spectacular!?

So grateful for rain.  And this is why it remains my favorite type of weather!

To see more of their wedding, check out their SLIDESHOW!  You don’t want to miss this one!





Wedding details

Venue: Malaga Camp

Photographers: M2 Photography

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  1. Jen Baumann says:

    oh i love this wedding SO much!!! i love his face when he sees her, i love the zombies :), i love the details, i love the emotion you captured. love love love

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