What can I say about James and Cat?  We’ve known them for about 6 or 7 years now.  We’re so happy that we were the duo to capture their wedding day.

I’m also happy that their wedding day turned out to be everything they hoped for.   As most of you know, Atlantic City along with every other beach town in NJ was hit hard by Sandy.  James and Cat live in Brigantine which, is just north of Atlantic city.  Like so many others, they had to relocate themselves after Sandy and are still working on the repairs of their own house.  While driving through the town of Brigantine and seeing dumpsters filled with furniture, other belongings, driving by condemned houses, houses that were gutted, people that were outside working on their houses,  my heart was breaking.  When Cat and I spoke a few weeks ago on the phone hashing out the final details of the wedding day, she told me it’s been a little stressful.  James was busy working on the house and she had to finalize all the remaining details of the wedding herself.  Something they should have been doing together.  I admire them for pushing forward and not letting this bring them down.   Boy, do they deserve a vacation!  They make such a great couple and I’m so happy they found each other!

I hope you all enjoy this wedding as much as we do!  {oh and….pin away, because you can now}

Happy Wednesday!


Uggs bridal footwear?  I think so.  If you’re having a winter wedding, why not keep to toesies warm?

This is where James bought Cat on her first date. Just kidding, haha.  But they did come here. Sadly, it’s no longer open 🙁

They sure got a lot of (un)wanted attention, haha.

I love when fog just comes rolling in and eats everything up.

One of my favorite shots from the entire day =)

This guy was so cute.  He was homeless, but a cute homeless guy.  After he noticed us, he started saying in the most excited voice ever “I’m on camera, I’m on camera”, haha.

Who is this photo bomber?  ;0)

Another favorite.  So amazing how things just work out sometimes.

Can you ever go wrong with candy?  I was a little disappointed that they were closed when we left the wedding 🙁

The biggest box of nerds I ever saw!

Pretty uplighting gets me every time.  It was like a winter wonderland in this room.  I loved it!

I loved the biker cake topper.  Wouldn’t it be funnier if he didn’t ride motorcycle and they just picked it to throw people off.  Haha.

I loved the tea-light candles hanging from the ceiling.  Seriously, I asked Michael if we could do this exact thing in our house.  I’m still working on convincing him.

One of the funniest/craziest dance parties.  So much fun!

I’ll give you ONE guess as to what song was being played at this moment.  Starts with a G and ends with an ANGNAM.  Really, it’s not that hard to guess? lol.

The view would have been amazing with all of the AC lights.  But again, the fog swallowed up everything and you couldn’t see anything out the window.  It was pretty freaky.

I have no words…haha.  You’d be surprised with the things us photographers capture.

James & Cat, after everything you’ve been through with Sandy and rebuilding your house, you threw an amazing wedding.  We are so happy that we were apart of it! I know you’ll enjoy St. Lucia!  Their free wi-fi is a little slow..it’s on island speed like everything else, so I hope you get the chance to see these 🙂

To see more of their wedding, check out their SLIDESHOW.   The song is pretty perfect for their December wedding!  (Helen…tears are perfectly acceptable)


Wedding Details

Venue:  One Atlantic 

Entertainment:  Steve and Company

Photographers: M2 Photography

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