Jaclyn & Kaitlin had the most romantic Welkinweir Estate wedding. They said their vows outside in a lush landscape, surrounded by family & close friends. Their love for each other is so deeply rooted & their love for life & those around them are so incredibly important to them. We absolutely adore them & loved working with them! Our very first video chat with them, Jaclyn & I were basically crying the entire time. We instantly bonded as photographer & couple! Maybe they look familiar to you. Their engagement session at Maggpie’s old stomp and grounds was featured on Junebug.  They also have real estate as one of our favorite galleries on our website.

Everything about their day was beautiful & intentional, including their first-look. Joyful, emotional & sweet, Jaclyn was crying before she even stepped out of the house. This is all we want for our couples, to be present in their day, intentional in their planning & to experience all the emotions.

We recently took a trip to Colorado, where Jaclyn & Kaitlin live & had the opportunity to meet up for the first time since their wedding. It was wonderful catching up! You’ll see more of their beautiful love up in the gorgeous mountains of Colorado.  <3

Creative Guide: Venue: Welkinweir Estate // Cake: Jeffrey A. Miller Catering // Band: Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society // Catering: Jeffrey A. Miller Catering // Hair & Makeup: AnnaLisa with ONLO Beauty // Dress Designer: Kelly Faetenini // Florals: Erica Maust with CHICORY Florals // Wedding Coordinator: Craig Zeserman with Jeffrey A. Miller Catering

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  1. Uncles John and Ralph says:

    A day to ‘remember! Pictures are beautiful. Love you girls!

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