Super Sitters Co.
their first business

In late December while on the way to Tennessee Ava & Bella told us they wanted to start a pet sitting company.  It was definitely one of the best things I’ve ever heard.  We immediately started dreaming about it.  It was amazing to have all four of us talking about it together!  I usually geek out over business ideas with Melissa but there’s something special experiencing it with your kids.

From that point on we’d get on a kick every once in a while and work on the idea.  We talked about how to get customers, why they want to do this, what kind of animals they want to watch, pricing, etc.

We were very careful about this whole thing.  We didn’t want to press them on making this happen because we wanted to see if they actually wanted to do it.  Many kids (and adults!) talk about doing things but never follow through.  I’m guilty of this too.  Fortunately, we kept coming back to it.

Last night we had a long talk about entrepreneurship, fear, money, and happiness.  It was incredible to talk with these things with them.  We talk with them a lot about happiness and how important it is.  Our time on earth is too short to not be happy.  The key to doing that is living intentionally.  The last thing we want is for our kids to end up unhappy.  Unhappy with their jobs.  Unhappy with their relationships. Unhappy with anything really. (said every parent)

The one thing I keep coming back to about our conversation last night was the idea of fear and failure.  They both weren’t afraid of starting this business and both weren’t worried about it failing.  They were visibly confused when I explained to them that most people won’t even start something in fear of failure.  And Bella’s confused face is hilarious.

Maybe I’m wrong here but I think we’re taught to fear failure.  Either way, Melissa and I are teaching them to never fear failing.  It’s part of life and how we learn and succeed.  I told them “Whats the worst thing that would happen if Supper Sitters fails? What’s the best thing that could happen?”  It really helped them put things into perspective.

Enough with all this talk, right?  Bring on the website!

First, their picture.  This was taken today February 27th, 2015 @4:09pm.  I’m so proud of these girls =)

Two 7 year olds start a pet setting business called Super Sitters

What?  Did you really think Mr. Ugglesworth wasn’t going to be in this picture?

Here is Super Sitter’s website,  Check out their FB page too!

And here are more silly pics from this shoot!Two 7 year olds start a pet setting business called Super Sitters

Two 7 year olds start a pet setting business called Super Sitters

Two 7 year olds start a pet setting business called Super Sitters

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