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Hi, I’m Melissa. I love life and I love people. Life is short and our time on this planet with those we love is also too short. My goal with everything I photograph is to capture the genuine emotion; tears, joy, love, whatever those emotions may be and to perfectly capture that chapter.

I’m a social person and I’ve got my own little quirks. ¬†Sloths are my spirit animal. I was definitely a hippie in another lifetime. I guess you can call me a modern day hippie now. I love everything plants, gardening, and turning our house into a greenhouse.

I see myself and Michael in 30 years in a treehouse with a pet sloth. I envision our grandkids swinging happily from a tire swing being chased by a litter of adorable puppies. Whether or not that is where Michael sees us in 3o years is debatable.

Which brings me to, I’m a huge animal lover. Some (mostly just my children) call me the animal whisperer. If you’ve got a dog and I have the honor of meeting your fur baby, I will spend a solid 10 minutes of snuggle time with him or her. Remind me to schedule that in before our shoot.

Being able to photograph people for a living gives me immense joy. I’ve been lucky enough to call this my full-time profession for the last 11 years.

I see the beauty in everything. I laugh at everything and I also cry at every wedding. My empathetic side shows on a wedding day. I cry with you, I laugh with you, and I embrace the joy and happiness with you.

I hope we get to meet!


Packages for Melissa + Michael start at $5200

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