So…how much does it cost to work with M2?


Wedding collections with Michael and Melissa begin at $5200.



Adventure sessions/engagement shoots begin at $850.

Lifestyle family sessions begin at $600

Interested in learning more about how pricing works? Contact us today to get the details, get to know us and — we hope — get a date booked!

Do you travel for shoots?

Heck yea, we travel! As much as we love our City of Brotherly Love, we can’t be tied down by state lines or country codes! We tailor our M2 Photography destination wedding package for each of our awesome couples based upon date, location and travel costs. Whether you’re getting hitched here in the States, overseas or on the moon (can we do that yet??), we’d love learn more! Shoot us a message, and we’ll set up a time to chat!


We also do Adventure shoots!  We’ll travel anywhere in the world with you and together we’ll explore, adventure, and create beautiful photographs.

How many weddings do you book each year?

In total, the M2 team shoots around 50 weddings per year. Michael and I only accept 25 weddings per year and our associate photographers accept 25.

Can you describe your photography style?

Amazing. Incredible. Magical. Awe-inspiring. Talent beyond compare.

We’re kidding, we’re kidding…kind of. Here at M2, we define our photography style as soulful, joyful and rich. We want to focus on your personalities, not the poses. We want to document your sensitivity without the stuffiness. We want to tell your love story and capture all the teeny tiny tales that live within that story. The outcome, we hope, is imagery that speaks to your souls and showcases your deeply rooted love.

What type of couples do you typically work with?

At the end of the day, we care most about the people we work with.  We’re fun-loving, adventure-seeking, boundary-pushing, making, doing, dreaming, seeing, loving, laughing sort of folks. Those are the kinds of weddings we love to shoot, and the kinds of couples we can’t wait to work with. We love weddings filled with personality, emotion, and personal style. We adore couples who adore each other, love life, and their families. Our couples tend to plan their wedding day to reflect them and their style. We yearn to document couples who are completely, totally, madly in love with each other, and who yearn to get in the car, roll down the windows and explore the great unknown. We seek to find partners who will put their trust and faith in us to photograph the most important moments of their lives with a sense of purpose and beauty that reflects their own beautiful, unique vision.

Do you do engagement shoots?

We love engagement sessions — especially adventurous ones! We like to call them adventure shoots. You can think of it as a practice run for the big day, but we also love when our couples take a step outside their comfort zones and create an experience together for their shoot. We love photographing the unforgettable and delivering the unbelievable. Maybe we head to the mountains, chase waterfalls, or anything else your adventurous spirit is calling for.

What is your medium? Do you shoot digital or with film?

We shoot primarily with digital. That being said, nothing gives you the soft, dreamy ethereal look of film like….film. Yes, film is more expensive, and it takes longer to process, but the results can be amazing. Let’s talk about our options and we’ll find the best one for you!

Do you offer photobooths?

Photobooths are all over the place these days — weddings, networking events, birthday parties and celebrations of all sorts. And because we attend so many fantastic functions, we’ve been in a LOT of photobooths.

Along the way, we’ve noticed some things. Time and time again, groups will enter a photobooth, smiling, laughing, props in tow. They get in and the lighting is bad. Or the flash goes off unexpectedly, catching the crew off guard. Someone isn’t ready, the button isn’t working, the design of the booth is shotty….you get it.

We’d seen it done, and we wanted to do it better.

Enter Poser Photobooth Co., M2’s signature photobooth and the solution to the photobooth fails we’ve all been a part of. Poser’s lighting is fantastic and it’s image quality is great. The interface is easy, and hooks right into social media so you can upload your favorite images in an instant. The props are on point, and our Poser people are the best in the biz at giving (and getting) the giggles. Basically, Poser is the greatest photobooth ever!

Poser makes a fantastic addition to any wedding, reception or other formal event. For more information of booking Poser, head over to Poser Photobooth Co.


What is required to book my date?

M2 has just a few ‘requirements’ for booking. They are as follows:

1. We need to meet. Whether in person or by Skype or other technology, we need to meet. Let’s talk, get a feel for one another, and make sure we’re a good fit. We truly believe in quality over quantity, and we want to make sure we mesh well and can establish close, personal relationships with our limited number of wedding clients. We want our best work, and so do you. This way we both get what we want!

2. We need a 50% deposit to secure your date.

3. We need you to be cool with lots of hugs. Cool? Cool.

How do we access all of our high-res edited photos?

We want to make this easy on everyone, so we’ll give you access to a beautiful digital downloadable gallery of your images. You can send images to your friends and family, create online albums for social media, or print your own images wherever and whenever you’d like!

Can we print our images at the local drug store?

Sure, you can, but we wouldn’t recommend it. But we really do recommend buying your prints and products from our professional lab. The local discount store most likely doesn’t have the high-quality equipment necessary to print your memories at a quality that will do them justice. After all, you’re not getting married every day!

Who will be our wedding-day photography team?

It depends on you.  We have options.

You can hire both Michael and Melissa, the husband and wife duo.

You can hire either Michael or Melissa to shoot with one of their second photographers

We also have Nicole and Joy our associate photographers. They have a similar approach and style as we do. They are all sorts of amazing.

Do you do wedding albums?

We’d love to create for you a beautiful, lasting memento of the most amazing memories of your love and your lives. After all, your memories shouldn’t live in a desk drawer or on a hard drive. When we meet we can talk more about our options for wedding albums.

Can you recommend other vendors for our wedding day?

Absolutely! We have such an incredible network of vendors who are amazing at what they do, and we’re so happy to share them with you. In fact, we’ll send you a link of all our favorite vendor friends. We’ve worked with each and every one on the list we have, so we know and trust you’ll be in amazing hands!

Do you shoot city weddings or indoor weddings? We see mostly outdoor weddings on your blog.

The short answer is yes, we do shoot weddings in the city. However, our style includes a lot of nature, so even in the city, we gravitate towards that. About 50% of our weddings are in a city setting.

Do you shoot same sex weddings?

Yes!, and it pains us that this is even a topic of discussion! Love is love and we believe in marriage equality for all.