This AB post marks our 50th post!  Holy crapola!  I suppose I should have some sort of epic thing going on in this post then, eh?  Well, don’t hold your breath. =0)

I want to celebrate parenthood and family for this post.  We (Melissa and I) are not perfect parents.  And our family isn’t perfect as a whole.  But that’s ok.  Melissa and I give a lot of effort in intentional parenting.  Sometimes we do well, sometimes not.  I’ve realized that there is no such thing as a perfect parent.  But I believe that each generation is to improve upon the last in every way possible.  An that’s our mission.

Seeing images like the one below make me realize that we’re doing pretty damn good.  This image isn’t simply a frame of our girls playing in a fort.  It’s a moment in our lives that shows who we are as a family.  Really Michael?  YES!  Granted you can only see Bella’s head popping out to see who is at the door. (Ava is in there, I swear!)  And yes, Mr. Ugglesworth is in yet another picture.  But Ava and Bella are playing in a fort that we built together.  I helped with the removable wall AND cut in the door.  I know, I too was impressed by my skill.  Seriously though, they are using their imaginations and playing together.  They are happy, healthy, and creative.  They have this aura about them that can be felt when you’re around them.  We have this connection that is real and powerful.  It is more than I could have ever imagined parenthood could be.  And above all this, its imperfect.  It’s imperfect perfection.

This is another example of why photography is so powerful and important.  For those involved it isn’t a snap shot of kids playing.  It’s about that time and where we are as a family.  It’s about who we are.  And it’s something only we can experience at this level.  Just as you can with photographs of you and your family.  So lets celebrate family!

This image was taken September 16, 2013 @ 3:51pm.


The AB Project 50

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