This wedding was different for us than most.  Different in a really good way!  First, the wedding was held at Indian Rock Inn, a bed and breakfast located in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County.  If you ever want to really get away, this is a great place.  It’s located along the Delaware and very much off the “beaten path”.   At one point on our way to the venue, I asked Michael if he knew where we were and his reply was “I have no idea, this area is even more secluded than Pine Grove”  ( the small town I grew up in).  The inn is very cozy and has a romantic feel to it.  It really seem to fit the bride and groom’s style perfectly.

Ian and Laura are a very artistic couple, I also love that Laura is very vintage chic.   Laura also has an amazing voice and even that, may be an understatement.  Her voice is so good that if she was on American Idol, I would vote for her over any contestant still in the running.  As a surprise for Ian, she sang Sister Christian by Night Ranger, apparently it’s a rock band favorite, lol.  Some may have been confused by the song choice because it’s not your “typical” love song, but hey, Ian got it and I guess that’s all that matters.

Below are some images from their wedding.  To see more of their images, check out their slideshow!

As always, happy Monday!


Much better ladies!  Now, this is a shot!

Let me explain this picture.  Ian here is “shooting” at a large number of bikers that revved their engines during the ceremony, making it impossible to hear the officiant.  LOL!

Now I’m not sure what he’s shooting at here…

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