Chalkboard portraits
an Alan Rickman tribute

In January of 2015 I started doing chalkboard portraits.  We’ll I actually just did one randomly thinking it was cute.  Ava and Bella take piano lessons at a church so we hang out in a classroom with a chalkboard.  Never did I think this would turn into a personal project.  Since then I’ve been making one almost every week.  You can follow this project on instagram here.  You can also find the portraits on instagram under #chalkboardportraits.

Earlier this month I started working on this chalkboard portrait (below) with a Potter theme in mind. We’re huge Harry Potter fans.

As we looked at the drawing on January 14th, it’s meaning changed. We thought of Nagini and Professor Snape. He was a great man and a wonderful actor.

This one is for you Severus Snape.

This image was taken on January 14th, 2015 @4:45pm.

Tribute to Alan Rickman

Tribute to Alan Rickman

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