One of the bajillion different reasons I love being a parent is that I get to play!  Not like play with a new app or a video game but real play.  By the way, play is so good for you as an adult.  Go ahead, google it!

Melissa went to meet the teacher night which meant me and the girls were able to do whatever we wanted!  I’m not gonna lie, this was my idea.  And by idea I mean I got the first gun out and started it, haha.

We quickly set some rules.  They started upstair anywhere they wanted and I had to be downstairs.  If you got shot twice, you were out.  I love not knowing where they’ll pop out.  In the end we had to do a tie breaker which meant we did a western style shootout where we all stood back to back.  Bella was out first.  Then Ava and I kept missing each other so I let Bella decide when to say shoot at any step instead of the five steps we were taking.  She didn’t even count a step and yelled “Shoot”!  Ava got me right in the back, haha.

Here’s a pic of one of the battles.  Its as close as I’ll get to being a war photographer which I know Melissa likes. =)

This image was taken September 15, 2016 @8:14pm.


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