What a crazy past two weeks we’ve had here in the Northeast.  First a not so happy hurricane, followed by chilly temperatures, the latest being a nor’easter.  What’s next?  hmmm.

First and foremost, Geoff (who is an editor at the Wall Street Journal), do not judge my writing. I write as if I’m speaking,  haha. I must admit, I’m feeling a little pressured right now ;0)

Geoff and Erin went through more last minute wedding changes than I’ve ever seen.  All of which, was truly out of their control!  Thanks to Sandy, they had to more or less plan a new wedding in 2 days.  I wanted to share a little about their story.  I know the main details of what happened, I don’t know everything in between.  Although, I can imagine there was anger, tears, maybe a few curse words, more crying, some panicking.  At least, that’s exactly what I would feel if I was told that I couldn’t have my wedding at the place I had planned.  In fact, I may have shed a few tears after I found out.  You plan a wedding for a year or longer and then mother nature throws you a curve ball, which has the potential of canceling your wedding day.  My heart was breaking for them.   However, when we showed up on Saturday, Geoff and Erin were so cool and collected, it completely blew our minds.  How fantastic are they?!

Erin reached out to me last Thursday, letting me know that they needed to find another venue.  Sadly,  they were not able to have their wedding reception at Holly Hedge, which was still without power.  They were still planning on having the ceremony there, but they needed to find another place for the reception.    How do you find a venue in 2 days for a Saturday night wedding?!

After much searching, they came across Occassions, which was also located in New Hope.  By some lucky chance, the wedding they had booked for that night had just cancelled and rescheduled for another day.  Seriously, what are the chances of that happening?

I didn’t realize just how bad Bucks county was until the day of the wedding.  I’ve never seen so many large uprooted trees. I was also amazed by the amount of wire damage the area has.  I just couldn’t believe it, it was and probably still is a wreck 🙁

Sometimes unfortunate things happen, things that you have no control over.  I truly admire Erin and Geoff.  I admire their push on attitude and in our opinion, the wedding day was perfect.  :0)


Handsome Pantsome..haha! Adorbs!

Doesn’t Geoff  resemble Simon Baker from the Mentalist?

I love chilly weddings…it’s a good time to get cozy!

We got to talking about their bachelorette party and one of the ladies (not pointing fingers) may or may not have chipped her tooth on a straw in the shape of a male body part.  I would say the technical name, but I feel dirty saying that on our blog, haha.  Am I even allowed to say it?

I’m so happy that we were able to do their portraits and ceremony at Holly Hedge.  I would have been sad, it’s one of our favorite venues.

The handsome cat ended up being the most difficult family member to work with, haha.  Just look at the camera!!

There we go!  Well sorta…

I love writing on old antique windows as a substitute for traditional table cards.

Writing a message for the bride and groom on a wooden heart with a wooden pen, so cute!  Love this!



To see more of their wedding…check out their SLIDESHOW!

A special thank you to our intern Vicki who came along with us.  A few of her pictures made the blog 🙂




Wedding Details

Venue: Holly Hedge Estate

Makeup: Ana, Hair.Face.Style

Entertainment: Amsterdam, Ebe entertainment

Photographers: M2 Photography

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  1. Geoff says:

    I have judged the writing and photos to be outstanding. You are gifted photographers and even more wonderful people, thank you so much.

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