Woooo!  It’s Friday!

A few blog posts are coming your way today.  In addition to the new AB project post, is the Geesey’s family shoot.

The last time we photographed this family was 2-3 years ago.  The boys have grown, in fact the oldest boy Gavin, now has a girlfriend.   The youngest boy Jack Jack and our girls were born just a couple days apart.

With family portraits, we really take a non-traditional approach and like to capture family in a more natural way.  More or less, we want to capture their personalities rather than a few posed set ups and call it quits.  We like to take it a step further.  We want them to look back at these photos years from now and remember exactly how they were.  I think for most parents, this is something important.  As our girls are growing (fast), I look back on photos and videos we’ve taken of them over the last 5 years.   I can remember that time of our lives through those captured memories.

This fun family is up for just about anything, which I love.  I must thank them for dealing with the heat.  Young kids and heat usually do not get a long very well during photo shoots.   However, these boys did great 🙂

Have a great weekend!



Michael had to show these boys (and mom) how to jump!  Who said white men can’t jump?  They can….they just need a little push!

He studied and followed through!

Seriously?!  How cute is this family?!

It was hot and sticky, but we still made them do their head shots!  It can really showcase someones personality.  As you see below…they all have different personalities.  All of them did well, except dad, and well, you can see what happened to him…

The most fun part of the day was the water balloon fight.  Like I said, it was HOT outside and I couldn’t think of a more fun way to cool down.  Well a pool or a water park would have been nice, but there weren’t any of those around!

On your mark…get set…


Mom…she’s ruthless!   She’ll getch ya!


Dad was like a ninja…

The boys fighting over the last balloon…

…which popped.


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