The moment Caity told me they would like to take pictures in a cemetery, I knew she’d score extra points with Michael (he’s a little odd and likes shooting in cemeteries).   Also, I became even more fond of her when I saw her down 3 shots of PeptoBismol at her house and again in the limo on the way to the ceremony (see slideshow).  Frank and Caity along with the entire wedding party were a joy to be around.  They were completely down for whatever which makes our job a bit easier.   However, the could work on their “inner zombie” a bit, (Next time….just kidding).

Their ceremony was held at Old School Baptist Church, Southampton, Pa.  A cute little church, who’s only accessible bathroom is an outhouse, no lie.  Their reception was held at Normandy Farms, Blue Bell, Pa.

It’s always a pleasure working with super cool couples!  Check out their slideshow!

Happy Monday!  Enjoy!


Attack of the zombies!


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