Happy Friday!

Friday’s make everyone feel good. The moment at work when you realize that your weekend is just about to begin. Weekends are refreshing, a time to yourself (well.. for some of us). It’s usually a time to do things that you love most or maybe it’s just a time where you relax because you’ve had a long and exhausting week at work. Whatever you do, most of us look forward to them! I look forward to them because we get to do what we love. We get to do what we are most comfortable doing, and that is making pictures. We are fortunate enough to do what we love for a living.

So, the reason for this post is to give you some feel good vibes this weekend. One thing I’m becoming more and more aware of, is that your time and your love are the most precious things you have. To us, it’s more precious than money, it’s more precious than fancy material THINGS. Time will run out for us all. Start making this weekend and every weekend count. Start making every moment of your life count. I think most of us do not want to be on our death beds regretting and wishing we would have done things differently. Love…love with all your heart. Show those that matter to you most the love you have for them. Because they too will run out of time.

Take time this weekend to really enjoy your life. Do something for yourself. Do something you love to do. Think about your future and what your goals are. Start making steps to reach those goals. Start doing what you love doing and making most of out of your life! Why do something you do not enjoy? Sometimes that requires a few scary steps to be taken. In the end, it will all be worth it!

Not many people know our story and how we got started. Some people think we had lots of money to start and to buy all of our equipment. Not the case. We started with nothing. Investing every last cent we had to buy a second camera, was considered by most, stupid and dumb. People laughed when we told them we wanted to start a photography company. We were told (by some family members) that photography is not a “real job” and that it’s silly because we have 2 small babies to feed and take care of. We knew in our hearts that if we followed our passion, we would be doing what we loved and enjoy working and we’d also be able to provide for our family. And that’s what we did. And here we are, five years later, doing what we love, our kids are still a live and well fed! Investing the $2,000 dollars that we had received with our tax return 5 years ago on a second camera for us to start doing what we love doing, has been one of the best, if not the best decision we made for ourselves and for our family. While to others, it was stupid because we needed that money desperately to pay our rent and buy food, and it may have been a scary decision to make, ended up being the very best decision at the time! Don’t listen to others that think they know you better than you. You know you best. Follow your heart!

Enjoy the weekend and make it amazing!

Much love!




{A shot taken in Puerto Rico. The view of El Yunque National Rainforest….more pictures to follow soon}

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