Sorry this is a bit late friends.  As many of you know we took a 7 day family road trip so we didn’t have a chance to post a photograph.  We promise we’ll make it up to you because Melissa will be putting together a kick a$$ post from our trip soon.

Anywho, a couple weeks ago Melissa and I had the opportunity to shoot in Ocean City, NJ with some friends.  We figured we take advantage of the trip to hang with our girls a bit too.  This was the first time the girls came with us on a shoot.  They know we’re photographers, or as one of them said one time.. fartographers, but they don’t really understand I don’t think.  From this picture you can see that they had no issues entertaining themselves while we shot.  And to be honest, it was hard not to photograph them and stay focused 100% of the time.  We fared well though  =0).

If you’re wondering if they dug that huge hole, they did!  Crazy right?  No they didn’t.  Stop believing everything you read.


This picture was taken June 14, 2012 @ 4:39pm.


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