I remember a point in my photography a few years ago when I started to obsess with creating super creative surreal images.  This image Melissa took of Ava and I wouldn’t fit into that category.  And that’s OK.  In fact its better than OK, its wonderful!  I’ve learned since then that it’s not about any of that stuff.  It’s about content and not being distracted from the unimportant but shown the ever important.

Give me an option of an over the top, dramatically lit, “creatively” cropped image or a simple image like this one below and I’ll choose this one every time.  This, though simple in its composition and lighting, shows a father and a daughter together.  It’s powerful.. to me.  I love this little girl so much.

This is just another reason why photography so amazing.  To me, to Melissa and to Ava (when she’s older, haha) this image is everything.  I get goosebumps looking at it now.  But to someone who doesn’t know us, they could feel nothing.  And that’s ok.

Documenting weddings is mostly the same way too.  Yes, it is possible to connect to any wedding story.  But, when it’s your story.  Your wedding.  Your husband or your wife.  It reaches your heart.  It gives you goosebumps.  Brings you back to moments of pure joy and happiness.  And it reminds you of what’s important.

This image was taken April 7th, 2013 @ 3:10pm.

I hope you can see an image like this that will give you goosebumps this week.



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  1. Perry Vaile says:

    Love this, guys! It is SO, SO true and definitely something I believe in! 🙂 Beautiful shot too!

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