Hola amigos!  I have fun blogging about every wedding we shoot, but this wedding happens to be our first ever destination wedding, so of course I will have fun with this one! I (Melissa) work with both Eddie and Catherine at my part-time gig. I must say I work with some really awesome people there, whom I never would have met otherwise, so I’m certainly grateful!

Catherine sent me a facebook message in August asking if  Michael and I were available to shoot their wedding at El Dorado Royal, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. That weekend was open for us, so we didn’t give it much thought before we said yes!!! The very next day, we applied for our passports, haha. We thank Catherine and Eddie for this opportunity and for asking us to capture their most important day. I could go on and on about how gorgeous it was down there, how warm and clear the water was, and how great the weather was everyday being in the high 80’s compared to the current temps here in the northeast, but I’ll spare you the details 😛

Eddie & Catherine are nothing short of amazing so of course so was their wedding. They are two of the nicest people I’ve ever met and I’m not just saying this because they are also friends of mine, they truly are genuinely nice people. That also speaks for their family and friends. Everyone welcomed us from day one and treated us more as a guest rather than “hired help”.

It was great hanging out in the pool with everyone sipping those amazing  Banana Coladas (which apparently are very diluted, because Michael had like 40 of them during our stay and for those of you who know Michael and his drinking tolerance, I need not say another word, lol).

We had so much fun with Eddie & Catherine along with their friends and family that I think next year we all should fly back down to celebrate their 1  year anniversary (just throwing that out there)!  Think about it!   :0)



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