I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  Okay, it has been.  Traveling and being sick has put me a little behind in my blogging. But I’m back and will be doing more blogging these days 🙂

Today, I’m sharing Dustin & Erin’s Tendenza wedding with you.  These two have such amazing personalities.  They are a total hoot to be around!  We almost had them crowd surfing on their wedding day during the free concert at the piazza in N. Liberties, but it started to downpour and that did not happen! Thankfully, we were able to get some portraits in before the crazy storm 🙂

Thank you Dustin & Erin for entertaining us and for shooting in the rain with big oversized leaves! xoxo




Tendenza-Wedding-photo 01

Michael and I play this game of trying to guess what each dress is going to look like before the wedding.  Well, it’s mostly my game that I make him play. haha.

Tendenza-Wedding-photo 02 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 03 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 04 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 05 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 06 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 07 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 08 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 09 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 10 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 11 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 12 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 13 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 14 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 15 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 16 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 17 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 18 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 19 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 20 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 21 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 22 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 23 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 24 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 25 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 26 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 27 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 28 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 29 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 30 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 31 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 32 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 33 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 34 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 35 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 36 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 37 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 38 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 39 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 40 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 41 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 42 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 43 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 44 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 45 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 46 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 47 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 48 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 49 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 50 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 51 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 52 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 53 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 54 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 55 Tendenza-Wedding-photo 56

2 responses to “Dustin & Erin”

  1. this the best wedding i have ever seen you both look so great i love her dress i;s beautiful just like her the whole wedding was awesom

  2. Mariana says:

    love it as usual!!!! very philly 🙂

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