I think we officially have kid entrepreneurs on our hands.  We created a little flyer to hand out in our neighborhood for Super Sitters.  This experience was just so awesome from beginning to end.  First we spent time designing the flyer and deciding which content to include.  I then had them practice their “pitch”.  We did this a few different times and it definitely helped the process.

Quick Tip:  Even though the practice was important and necessary we still made it fun.  Every few run throughs they could pitch any way they’d want.  It was hilarious.

So how’d it go?  Pretty good!  After each house we talked about what went well and what didn’t.  We took the bad and focused on that for the next house.  In the end we talked to 8 people.  We ended up having 4 solid leads.

After we came back home I sat the girls on the couch and asked them about their experience.  The first question I asked is “what did you just do?”.  Bella answered, “Go out of our comfort zone”.

I’m so proud of their effort and courage.  I’m so excited to see where these two beauties go in life.  I hope they go from kid entrepreneurs to grown up entrepreneurs!

This image was taken Saturday, April 26th, 2015 @ 2:54pm.


Ava & Bella go door to door for Super Sitters

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