I cried like a little baby going through these images.  Dominic and Lauren have such a sweet love.  A love that I hope our girls will have with whomever they marry one day….years and years down the road.  I’m having a hard enough time accepting the fact that tomorrow is their first day of school.  Ugh, babies grow up, such is life!  So, because of my current emotional state, I got teary at just about every sweet picture from this wedding, and there were many sweet moments.

Thank god for Match.com for bringing these two people together.  They are perfect for one another.  They are just two crazy in love people that cannot keep their hands off each other ;0)

On top of their awesomeness factor, this couple can dance.  Which, makes them an epically awesome duo in my book!


Brides dress

couple that met on match.com

Bride getting ready

groom putting on tie

grooms dad smoking cigar

Dom is going to be in for a little pleasant surprise when he takes a look at their final images ;0) That’s all I’m going to say! Zippity Zip Zip!

bridal boudoir

Bride putting on the dress

vintage car for wedding

Vintage chevy for wedding

pretty outdoor ceremony

Cute outdoor ceremony details

Dominic made this hoopa himself.  Pretty friggen awesome, right?

Wedding details including passports, luggage, maps

Haha…I love this picture.  It makes me smile 🙂

Dominic made this hoopa above by the way.  Kids got talent.

This picture has awesomeness written all over it.

Bride and groom first kiss

bridesmaids portrait

cool wedding party picture


funny wedding party picture

Lovely bride and groom

Creative wedding photography

Romantic wedding photography

Bride and groom portrait

Bride and groom portrait

Bride smiling

bride and groom's wedding in garden

Bride and groom in vintage car

The bada$$, coolest car…ever! I love the car series!

Fun bride and groom pictures in vintage car

Fun bride and groom pictures in vintage car

Vintage car wedding photos

Next time I go dancing, this girl is coming with!

There were a few toe-touching contests going on…..lol, Idk…

Two of the coolest DJ’s and guys on the planet!  Hi-Society

The winner of the toe touching contest…and who said white boys can’t jump?  They can sure toe touch ;0)

Dominic & Lauren, I hope you are having a blast in Hawaii.  Thank gosh you can still use your phones without crazy international rates, as I’m sure you’ll be seeing this tonight.  Don’t lose that love you guys…you have something unique, something special, something that we’re happy we could document 🙂

To see more of their wedding, check out their SLIDESHOW!

Safe travels!




Wedding details

Venue:  DuPont Country Club

Preparations: Hotel DuPont

Ceremony:  Goodstay Gardens

Videographers: Hi Society

DJ: Hi Society

Photographers: M2

3 responses to “Dominic + Lauren get married at DuPont Country Club”

  1. Bruce Guzy says:

    These photos are absolutely incredible and leave me drooling for more. Great job and your efforts of the day, (I didn’t see you guys stop once), obviously paid off!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You were wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lauren DiFebo says:

    Just wanted to say how impressed Dominic, myself and all of our friends and family are with our blog photos & slideshow. Please know how fun, passionate and extremely talented the 2 of you are. There is no one else that could have shot our wedding better. We love you guys and can’t wait to see the rest!!!!!

    -The New DiFebo’s

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