Day two of my blogging madness. We are so excited to share this sunrise shoot with you.  It seems like we’ve been having a lot of daring couples willing to brave the early morning hours.  This shoot alone proved to me that it’s my favorite time of day to shoot.  In my dream house I would have a wall of windows in my living room that faces east with an amazing view.  There, I would watch sunrise every morning!  Sunrise is the most beautiful thing  (along with Mr. Ugglesworth…he’s a beaut!)  ;0)

This brings me to another thing Micheal and I are thankful for.  We are thankful for God. Without God, there would be no sun and therefore no sunrises.  Nature is so perfect, no matter the season.  I find beauty in a dying tree.  God created it all.

Dave and Sara Jane are such a sweet and down to earth couple.  They are the type of people you want as friends.  We are so blessed to be working with them!

Happy Tuesday!



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