Our second shoot of the week was in Jessup, Pa.  The exact location is unknown, because in all honesty, I had no idea where I was, lol.  All I know is that we were in the woods and there was a waterfall.

Meg had contacted me about doing their engagement shoot where Dave had popped the big question.  She described the location as best as she could, but it was even more beautiful than I’d imagined.

As we got out of our cars at the location, I noticed a large gate and signs that said DANGER, BLASTING AREA.  They shrugged it off and told us they’ve been here many of times, experienced no explosives and those signs have been up forever.  Michael and I also shrugged it off and kept on trekking forward.  There were no explosives blasting anywhere, but their were bullets blasting through the woods.  Towards the end of the engagement session, we heard a gun being shot and bullets glazed the woods about 50 yards from where we were shooting (cameras).   I was on the ground in a New York minute, lol.  Maybe now we have an insight to what a deer feels like.  While walking back to our cars, we saw a depressed man sitting on the rocks shooting at soda bottles (clearly he was missing the soda bottles).   I wanted to mention to him that when he notices other cars parked in the same entrance lot to the woods, he may not want to shoot off his gun, I don’t know, maybe because people may be in there.  I decided to keep my mouth closed as we passed him and even gave him a nice friendly wave.  Last thing I wanted to do is make this guy even angrier, lol.

It was a memorable engagement session, that we will not forget.  We got our exercise, got our feet wet, we’re yards from being shot, and made some nice pictures.   Ya know, the norm. haha.

Anyhoo, we’ll be shooting their wedding next year Skytop Lodge in the Poconos.   Should be an exciting day!

Below are images from their e-session.



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  1. Tom Pappa says:

    WOW M&M! Crispy, clean, creative and inspiring…Really great work!!!!!

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