We had 2 weddings this past weekend.  We shot Dave and Lindsay’s wedding first on Friday night.  Their wedding was held at The Old Mill.  The grounds of the Old Mill gave us a lot to work with and we loved shooting there.

Dave and Lindsay are such a cool couple.  I think they were one of the most laid back couples we’ve ever worked with.  They were not at all concerned about the rain or that the very next day was predicted to be judgment day.  Luckily, the rain stopped 2 hours before the outdoor ceremony and the day after the wedding was not the end of the world.  Yay on both counts!

They decided to see each other before the ceremony.  First looks are becoming increasingly popular.  For those bride and grooms that want to enjoy cocktail hour with their guests, doing a first look and the pictures before the ceremony makes perfect sense.  A first look can be both intimate and emotional, which is great for us.

Michael and I learned a couple of new things at this wedding.  The first being that Dave used a really cheesy, but ridiculously funny pick up line when he met Lindsay.  His pick up line “You look like a hot piece of celery and I’m about to stalk”.  Like I said, cheesy, but pretty amazing, haha.

When driving to the wedding, I told Michael that if the world would indeed end on Saturday, it was important that I get in one last dance party.  And that we did, we danced  along with the guests and got some great shots.  We always love when we can let loose, blend in and get really great images of the guests.  The second thing we learned (which has nothing to do with Dave or Lindsay) is that when Michael dances, he has a really hard time moving his legs and shoulders at the same time, lol.  He’s my special husband.

When it came to their slideshow.  I had a predetermined song picked out for them.  I’m a huge fan of Iron and Wine and thought the song chosen would work perfectly for them.  It turned out, I was right.  It happened to also be their first dance song.  It was meant to be :0)

Dave & Lindsay’s slideshow.

Below are more images from their wedding.

Happy Sunday!



8 responses to “Dave & Lindsay’s Wedding at the Old Mill, Rose Valley, Pa.”

  1. fantastic photos. the grounds look so lovely!

  2. Donna Miller says:

    I bet the bride and groom will treasure not only their own beautiful portraits (love the puddle pic!), but also those amazing shots of their fun-loving friends. You guys are great!

  3. Melissa says:

    I logged on today to stalk your photos (as I always do ) and was happily surprised when I saw this blog. We’re getting married at the Old Mill this September. So excited to see these pics. Congrats to the happy couple!

  4. Jerry McKnight says:

    the photos were FANTASTIC, brought a tear to my eye to see my beautiful niece marrying a fantastic gentleman.

    Uncle Jerry

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