Costa Rica
Family Adventure

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I can’t believe it’s been almost 3 months since our trip to Costa Rica and I’m only getting around to blogging it now.

If you’ve been to Costa Rica, you know it’s beauty.  It’s so diverse with mountains, rainforests, beautiful beaches, volcanos, happy people, etc.

We try to travel as much as we possibly can and give our kids experiences vs. material things. We learned quickly that our kids play with toys for about 3 days and then they are done with them.  So we are traveling more and buying less.

We spent a total of 12 days in CR.  The first 5 were spent at finca luna nueva, a biodynamic organic farm and eco lodge in Arenal.  This area was my favorite during our trip.  It’s where more adventurous things happen.  Here we hiked a volcano, swam in hot springs, went zip lining through the rainforest, hiked hanging bridges, and swam in a waterfall.  We met some really amazing locals and I left a piece of my heart here.  It was here that I realized that I wanted to live more like them.  Simple.

The second place we went to was Manuel Antonio.  We found this gem on  home away.  A private home, jungle roost, with it’s own private pool and monkeys.  Sign us up!  We also went during rainy season and got a great deal on the house.

Speaking of rainy season.  We either got really really lucky or rainy season is not as rainy as some say.  But knowing my streak with planning vacations (or anything for that matter) and sunshine, you know that I have a rain cloud that follows me everywhere.   It didn’t rain at all for two of the days, only really rained a lot one day and the rest were just quickies.  We would wake up around 6am to maximize our sunshine.  If it rained, it wouldn’t start until around 5:00 and last for about an hour.

I would never not go anywhere because it was “wet season”.  Everything is so much more alive and colorful.  Plants were in full bloom.  I’ve never seen greener grass in my life.  It was just so vibrant.

Manuel Antonio is beachy.  It has amazing beaches, some calm beaches and some great for surfing. They were pretty bare this time of year, which was amazing! We explored with a little help from a friend (thanks Nicole) and found some lesser known beaches that were even more beautiful.  It was definitely a nice change of pace from Arenal.

If you ever get the chance to visit this country, I highly recommend.  I also recommend renting an all wheel drive car.  If you’re afraid of heights, I’d recommend some anxiety medication too.  We drove a total of 12 hours.  Most of which were through the Costa Rican mountains….with no guardrails and very little traffic laws. I had a few “OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO DIE” moments. I didn’t express them out loud, but the thought did cross my mind a few times.  Even in those moments, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  The scenery was amazing, nothing like anything I’ve ever seen before.  In those moments, even though you may be terrified, you think less about dying and more about living and soaking in the moment.

We cannot wait to go back! Maybe when we retire, we’ll build a treehouse in Costa Rica and live out our days there!

Happy Friday!

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 002 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 003 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 004 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 005 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 006 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 007 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 008 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 009 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 010 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 011 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 012 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 013 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 014               Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 015 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 016 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 017 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 018 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 019 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 020 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 021 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 022 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 023 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 024 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 025 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 026 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 027 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 028 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 029 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 030 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 031 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 032

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 033 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 034 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 035

This grasshopper was about 4 inches long!

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 036 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 037 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 038 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 039 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 040 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 041 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 042 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 043 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 044 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 045 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 046

The couple on the left is me and Jess trying to get close to the waterfall.  It was so powerful that we could only get so close!

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 047 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 048 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 049 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 050

Michael was trying to catch fish with his bare hands.  He recruited help but they had no luck.

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 051 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 052 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 053 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 054 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 055 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 056 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 057 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 058 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 059 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 060 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 061 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 062 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 063 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 064 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 065 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 066Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 067 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 068 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 069 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 070 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 071 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 072 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 073 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 074 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 075 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 076 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 077 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 078 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 079

That fruit is called rambutan and though strange to peel and eat tastes good!

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 080 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 081 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 082 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 083 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 084 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 085 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 086 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 087 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 088 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 089 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 090 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 091 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 092 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 093 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 094

Ava led the hike using her navigation skills.

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 095 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 096 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 097 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 098 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 099 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 100 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 101 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 102 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 103 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 104 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 105 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 106 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 107 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 108 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 109 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 110 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 111 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 112 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 113 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 114 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 115 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 116 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 117 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 118 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 119 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 120 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 121 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 122

Farm workers.

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 123 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 124 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 125 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 126Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 127 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 128 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 129 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 130 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 131 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 132 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 133 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 134 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 135 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 136 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 137 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 138 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 139 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 140 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 141 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 142 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 143 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 144 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 145 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 146 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 147 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 148 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 149 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 150 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 151 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 152 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 153 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 154 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 155 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 156 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 157 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 158 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 159 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 160 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 161

We came across a 6 foot snake on this hike.  Needless to say Bella was frightened.  Ava was there to protect her though.

Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 162 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 163 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 164 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 165 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 166 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 167 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 168 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 169 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 170 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 171 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 172 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 173 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 174 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 175 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 176 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 177 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 178 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 179 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 180 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 181 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 182 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 183 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 184 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 185 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 186 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 187 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 188 Costa-rica-amazing-vacation 189

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