Hi Friends.

As some of you know, in the very near future (beginning of April to be exact), I will be offering boudoir.  My style may be more like a glammy boudoir rather than straight boudoir, I’ll leave you to decide on that, lol.    I’ve always loved the idea of doing it, I think it goes well with wedding photography.  In the past, I’ve found more boudoir photography that I didn’t like than those that I liked.  I suppose it’s not hard to make classy look trashy, and that was one of my greatest worries.  I was absolutely terrified to have them turn out like the boudoir images I despise.   Because of that worry, I studied and studied and practiced and practiced.  I even had Michael as a guinea pig for numerous days straight, however that was a little difficult because obviously he is not a female and no he was not wearing lingerie, haha.   He has been incredibly supportive and I appreciate the countless hours of lighting practice and of course his patience.  He also made (with a little help from Garry Moyer….my dad), the most amazing headboard I’ve ever seen.  When we moved into our new house, we found old wooden antique shutters in the top level of our barn.  We recycled!

I actually have many thank yous to give out.  My first thank you goes to Yvette Delgado, my awesome make-up artist who did the make-up and hair for this shoot.  She’s been a friend for sometime and I had the pleasure of working with her at a recent wedding (actually…the female from this shoot, her wedding, ironic?).  When I decided I was going to offer boudoir, she was the first person that popped in my head.  She is amazing at what she does!  I feel blessed and grateful to know so many talented people.

My second thank you goes out to Briana DeLillo, our intern.  She was a huge help in assisting me, we are happy to have her.

Lastly, thank you Cailen for being doing this.  You did AH-MAZING!  I guess I should also thank Craig for being such a supportive husband =0)

My second shoot will be on Monday…stay tuned!  I will also start accepting bookings in April.  Family time is important to me and with being a full-time wedding photographer, I will only be shooting 10 boudoir shoots/year.  If you are interested, email me and I’ll gladly email you information.

The first few images are the “behind the scenes” of the shoot.

The images above were taken with film and the rest with digital.  I mixed it up a bit.


As this was my first boudoir session, photographer friends and non-photographer friends, I would greatly appreciate feedback!




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