Busy Bees

This year has already proven to be quite busy for us.  There is a lot going on between M2, the launch of our charity, Gethrr,  Poser, our new photobooth company, and Melissa’s project Own Kind of Beautiful.  Not to mention the girls schooling, girl scouts, play dates, family time, eating, showering, and sleeping…those last three can count, right?

To add to all of that Melissa has requested an addition on to her garden giving me a deadline of less than a week before we’re off to shoot a wedding in Aruba!  It could be much worse though.  Melissa was close to getting chickens!  And we all know if that happened we’d end up with a few more house pets.  And poor Uggs would probably move out if that happened. (wait a minute.. this isn’t a bad idea!)  Kidding!  Uggs isn’t going anywhere.  And no chickens are coming either.

So am I saying we’re the busiest people in the world and should wear black and yellow jackets?  Not at all!  We have the time.  We can “take care of business” and family life.  After 6 years in business, we’ve learned how to work efficiently.  To be honest with you, we’re not as busy as we seem to be.  We’re so fortunate and grateful to spend the amount of time that we do with our girls.  How can we do this?    Gandhi explains it best… “Action expresses priorities”.  We make the choice where to spend our time.  We take the time to extend the garden last minute. More importantly, we choose to spend time together.  I used to feel prisoner to time and all the “things” I had to do.  I now realize it’s my call where I give my time and keeping “action expresses priorities” in my mind helps me stay in check.

This image was taken April 23, 2014 @ 4:25pm.


The AB Project 60

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