So it’s been raining a lot lately…hasn’t it?  We’ve been shooting in rain (with umbrellas of course..or at the very least a sweater over our head), getting blown away in crazy storms, etc, etc.

The day before Bryan & Montana’s wedding, we had some crazy wicked storms.  Me, being the way I am, have been crazy obsessive  lately stalking the weather channel app as any bride would be.  It’s always good to be prepared in what you are about to shoot in.  However, with this wedding, we somehow lucked out again.  God is good 🙂

I could really say so much about Bryan & Montana.  They are an incredibly sweet couple.  They have amazing families that warmed right up to us.  The wedding party was great to work with and a little crazy (cough *groomsmen*…we’ll leave it at that). ha!  Although, I could continue on and on about how much enjoyed documenting this wedding for this lovely couple, it’s late and I know they are dying to see the photos.  I’ll do the opposite of what I usually do and keep this post brief-ish 🙂


sneaky sneaky boys….

I love churches with red doors that happen to be located on Church street 🙂

A card that one of Montana’s kids (she’s a teacher) made her.  Adorbs!

Such a cool place to shoot.  Rusty barns & cornfields?  SIGN. ME.UP!

This shot makes me giggle.  There are just so many things going on that make this picture funny.

1.) Tie being pulled

2.) His reaction

3.) His finger sticking in the bridesmaid’s hair

4.) Her expression

5.) The girls laughing/singing in the background

There were times, while going through the images, where Michael and I were laughing so hard, tears were uncontrollably coming out my eyeballs.

There are even better shots of all the guys in this room. I just thought these 2 were funny.

If you haven’t noticed by now, we love doing night shots.

Bryan & Montana, I know you’re probably still awake refreshing the page.  I’m sorry it’s so late at night.  Perhaps now you can go to bed 🙂  Enjoy your honeymoon and travel safe!

Check out their slideshow to see more shots of the wedding.

Nighty Night!


One last thing.  How could I forget this?


Wedding details

Venue: Eastlyn Golf Club

Photographers: M2

2 responses to “Bryan & Montana’s Sweet Love”

  1. Tom says:

    Cool portraits! Love the rusty barns and cornfields. You guys do an amazing job of telling the story of the day. Nice work M&M!

  2. Megan Timms says:

    Love the cornfields! Those dance shots are great too- this group has great facial expression, haha! Awesome.

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