I would be lying if I said that I don’t have tears in my eyes right now thinking about what I’m going to write. First, I’ll start by asking you if you’ve ever seen a couple and thought to yourself,  ‘Wow, they were made for each other’ and you couldn’t help but watch them?  Okay, I admit, that sounds really creepy, but when I see two people so in love, consumed in each other’s world as if nothing else exists, it’s intoxicating and I can’t help but notice them.  Today was one of those days.

Laurie and I have recently become friends (facebook friends, that is). We were introduced to each other from her daughter who happens to be one of my best gal pals,  Jackie (yes cute cake girl).   I’ve only heard stories of this wonderful couple and now it was so great to finally meet them in person.   Brent and Laurie have been together for 7(ish) years and still today, the love I saw between them was truly intriguing and beautiful.   They kept the ceremony simple and intimate at the Aldie Mansion with  nine family members.  I felt more emotion in this small group of people than I’ve seen in awhile (and yes, I cried).  We feel truly honored to be the “ninjas” behind the glass (lens) who captured the emotion.

Below are a some images from this afternoon along with a little surprise (click on the link).   Unfortunately Jackie, you’re not very good at keeping things a surprise, so… I didn’t tell you,   Enjoy!


The Cake Shop’s first ever wedding cake!  Exciting!



5 responses to “Brent & Laurie’s Aldie Mansion Wedding”

  1. Jaclyn Stackhouse says:

    incredible!!! can’t stop watching the slideshow and commenting on these pics! of course i am partial to the pictures of laela, who looks like a little fairy in that dress… but you can really feel the love in these photos. awesome as always :0)

  2. Jennifer Mazur Waibel says:

    These are absolutely AMAZING pictures. Laurie looks so beautiful and so happy. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Laurie and Brent says:

    Melissa, Brent & I can’t thank you and MIchael enough for the photos and slideshow. Everything was such a wonderful surprise and you both do such beautiful work. Well, we are sitting here at the airport getting ready to board the plane for Key West. Thank you again for all the wonderful pictures, you & Michael are so talented and I’m glad to have finally met you both. I look forward to joining in on a play date with the little ones! Brent & Laurie

  4. Donna Miller says:

    I love all of these photos, but my two favorites are the one of my Mom’s hand, and the one of Laurie laughing her head off. Thanks so much for giving us such a wonderful view of the day.

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