Words cannot even express how much I love this engagement shoot.   Everything about it just warms my heart!

A few weeks ago, Alissa filled me in on what her and Braden have been up to lately.  Alissa broke her ankle a month or so before the engagement shoot playing softball.  The day she got off crutches was the same day Braden broke the same exact ankle playing basketball.   CLEARLY these two were meant for each other !  It’s a good thing they are getting married  🙂  We’ll be traveling to Ithaca, NY next June for their wedding 🙂

So we had a little challenge, as Braden couldn’t put much weight on his ankle, but really…I think these 2 could make even a neck brace look great.  Seriously.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do 🙂

How awesome is her hair?  LOVE!

I wish I could wear this dress every day!  I love it!

What can I say?  Boots and crutches make for good props 🙂

That’s Michael…not big foot stealing their crutches.  No big foot sightings here.


We had a crutches race, which I would NOT recommend suggesting to someone who has a real life healing ankle ;0) Luckily no one got hurt in the making of this series!


Happy Thursday!


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