This weekend was a crazy fun weekend!  This weekend we shot Bill & Erica’s wedding at the Manor House in Horsham.  Perhaps you remember Bill & Erica from their center city engagement shoot last year.

Bill & Erica are another fantastic couple who met online (eharmony). Second week in a row that we photographed weddings of couples that found each other online.  These sites should pay me for all the praise I give them, haha.

This crowd was a super fun crowd.  I believe they were dancing (and drinking =) from the moment we started shooting prep.   Okay, maybe the guys were only drinking and not dancing, but the girls were doing both.

The reception was a blast and once again we worked with Chris from Synergetic.  We recommend them and whenever I hear we are working with them at a wedding, we know great dancing shots will be taken.

Below are highlighted images from their wedding day!  To see more of their wedding, be sure to check out their slideshow!


We love when emotion is not held back.  Emotion is a good thing and it can create dramatically touching imagery.

A beautiful bride and a beautiful mommy to be.

Mr. Stec’s grand entrance =0)

As most of you know, I’m an extremely emotional human being.  The moment Erica got teary in the limo, I lost it.  I think I cry because I’m so moved by what we do for a living.  We get to photograph and be apart of some of the most amazing people’s weddings.

As the doors of the church opened, Michael heard Bill gasp out a couple of emotional words.

Aww Gam Gam!

Keeping it classy Mr. Stec, as always =0)

What I like about this picture is that it seemed this flag was very tempting.  The guys played around with the flag, and…

So did Mr. Stec.  This shot cracks me up…

The gorgeous bridesmaids!

We still have no idea where the sombrero came from.

Bill has the best facial expressions when he dances!

You two should be professional wedding dancers!

I was really banking on this super moon…which turned out to be not so super in our area.  Poo!

This is one after party we were sad we had to miss!  After not having fast food for almost a year, we made a bad decision before the wedding, which lead to Michael not feeling so hot by the end of the night.  Perhaps now he’ll listen to me when I say fast food is the devil of all foods ;0)

Bill & Erica, we love you two!  The love you have for each other is obvious and pure.  Enjoy your honeymoon lovebirds  =0)




Wedding Details

Ceremony: Old St. Andrews

Venue: The Manor House at Commonwealth

Entertainment: Synergetic Sound & Lighting

Photographers: M2 


3 responses to “Bill & Erica’s Wedding”

  1. Jenna says:

    Have you guys ever thought of doing this for a living?! Amazing job!

  2. Erica and Bill says:

    In Costa Rica checking out this amazing blog post! You captured moments neither of us will ever forget! This is fantastic! Thank you so much! We’re speechless! You guys are the best!

    Erica and Bill

    • Melissa says:

      Thank you both for the opportunity to be part of your special day! We both hope you have an amazing time in Costa Rica!!

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