As parents, I believe, we’re all trying to be better.  Better parents, better teachers, better examples.

Recently, Melissa and I had the privilege of meeting Jenny & Josh Solar from The Happy Family Movement.  What the heck is that?  To quote them, “To help families live a positive, fun-filled and meaningful life together. To live a little bit out of the ordinary. To forge their own path and make up their own family rules.”  This is more or less a mission statement for Melissa and I.

Their website is full of great information.  It’s definitely worth checking out.  We have been able to learn and apply meaningful things into our family and we’re so grateful for that.  But as I said, we’re always striving to be better.  That will never end.  And I pray to God that Ava & Bella will benefit and live incredible lives because of it.

This weeks picture is of Melissa and the girls in the craft room doing… something with buttons?  Haha, they’re always doing projects.

The image was taken February 8th, 2013 @7:44pm.


Cheers, to better.


The AB Project 33

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  1. josh says:

    Love this post. We can all inspire each other to live awesome, intentional lives…and totally agree, our kids will be well loved in the process. So glad we met and had some wonderful chats. Can’t wait until next time!

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