I love so many things about this wedding.  I love the couple, I loved the atmosphere of their wedding, their choice of colors, the flowers, the space, the little details that personalized their wedding.  Okay, I loved everything!

Bethany and Ryan are two of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.  They are just genuine people who love each other so much. What more could we ask for!

Their wedding was held at Columbia station.  I absolutely adore this place!  It’s a restored train station off the Reading railroad from 1858. It’s certainly unique and who wouldn’t love that?

Enjoy some of our favorites!


Columbia-Station-wedding-photo01 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo02 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo03 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo04 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo05 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo06 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo07 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo08 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo09

I am a little obsessed with these floral arrangements by Sommerfield Designs.

Columbia-Station-wedding-photo10 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo11 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo12 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo13 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo14 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo15 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo16

Clearly, he had his eye on Michael, haha.

Columbia-Station-wedding-photo17 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo18 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo19 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo20 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo21 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo22 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo23 Peonies, shades of pink Columbia-Station-wedding-photo25 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo26 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo27 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo28 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo29 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo30 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo31

I loved that their reception had games.  Backyard style 🙂

Games-reception-wedding corn-hole-reception-games-wedding

Bethany is quite crafty.  She’s made most of their cute details herself.  The girl is good with a glue gun and I love her attention to detail.

name-card-table-wedding-rustic-pink-Peonies Columbia-Station-wedding-photo35 sweet-heart-table-creative-backdrop Columbia-Station-wedding-photo37 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo38

The cake blew me away! I loved the flowers, which were made by Bethany’s cousin 🙂

amazing-wedding-cake Columbia-Station-wedding-photo40 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo41 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo42 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo43 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo44 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo45 smore-station-wedding Columbia-Station-wedding-photo47 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo48 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo49

Of course you know we did a few night portraits!

Columbia-Station-wedding-photo50 Columbia-Station-wedding-photo51

Feel free to give some love to these love birds below!

Happy Friday!


4 responses to “Bethany & Ryan get married at Columbia Station!”

  1. Amanda says:

    Breath-taking…enough said. <3

  2. Anita says:

    Missed you both at Camp Celebrate! But this was oh so much better! Perfection! Blessings to you both. You deserve the very best!

  3. Bobbie says:

    Thank you for capturing Ryan and Bethany’s beautiful day so perfectly! Wonderful pictures to treasure always~Bobbie

  4. Mimi says:

    Thank you for sharing. What a beautiful couple and wish you 100+ years of Happiness!

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