On Sunday, we shot Ben & Michelle’s engagement session.  I really feel like I could right a novel about this session.  To spare you from my usual rambling, I’LL TRY, to keep this post sweet and at an appropriate length :0)

We realized at our first initial meeting with Ben and Michelle that we had quite a few of the same Ikea pieces throughout each of our homes.  I think from that point, because of our fantastic taste in high quality, man made, sturdy, and easy to assemble furniture, they knew we were a Photographer/Bride & Groom match made in heaven.

On to their engagement session.  We took them back to the warehouse I love so much, but swore to ourselves, this was the last shoot we’d do there for awhile.  When we walked up to the building, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The entire back of the building and top have been torn down.  My heart sank and I felt like crying.  How could they do this?  Do they even realize how much this place means to us? LOL!

Although, I’m sad to see it leave, it looked like a completely different place and gave us many more ideas to work with.  It really worked out!  Thank gosh, Ben and Michelle were up for anything.  We made them climb things in the scorching heat (truly sorry about that) and we even put them in a dumpster (it was empty but Lord was it ever smelly!).   Ben and Michelle came prepared with ideas of their own.  They brought 2 bottles of champagne which were not used for drinking (see pictures below)!  It was awesome and I can’t thank them enough for enduring a champagne shower.

Along with the champagne, they also brought their tandem bicycle.  This thing is pretty amazing.  Of course, Michael and I had to try this thing out.  So, Ben suggested we give it a ride, but only if he could take the pictures, so he did.  How many photographers are photographed with their own equipment during an engagement session (in which they are shooting), haha!

We’ll be shooting their wedding this October at La Massaria at Bella Vista.   Michael and I are both very much looking forward to this wedding.  It may be a little hard to ride the tandem in a wedding dress, but I do hope they decide to stock up on a few bottles of champagne.

Below is a very extensive preview of their engagement session.


I knew that if Michael’s bike driving was anything like his car driving, I was in trouble, so I was kinda scared for my life.  He was too.  Notice Michelle in the background?  She’s was shooting us too!

The really good stuff:

4 responses to “Ben & Michelle’s Philadelphia Engagement”

  1. Jen Baumann says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! I think the warehouse being torn down definitely worked for you! Awesome stuff. I love the champagne shower and how do these two look so darn good being wet and sticky from champagne???

  2. Amy says:

    i’m sad to see the building is being torn down too(you guys have some awesome pictures from it)! But these are great too! Everyone looks like they had a blast!

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